tower_bridge.400pxAnlässlich der Olympischen Spiele 1984 2012 in London, gönnen sich die Überwachungsfanatiker in Großbritannien ein paar krasse Befugnisse. Hausdurchsuchungen zur Beschlagnahme von Protestplakaten inklusive:

The government was accused tonight of giving itself draconian powers to clamp down on protests at the 2012 Olympics. Critics said the powers were so broad they would potentially give private contractors the right to forcibly enter people’s homes and seize materials.


But civil rights campaigners are worried about several clauses in the London Olympic Games and Games Act 2006. Section 19(4) could cover protest placards, they said, as it read: „The regulations may apply in respect of advertising of any kind including in particular – (a) advertising of a non-commercial nature, and (b) announcements or notices of any kind.“


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Oskar Günther

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